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Was founded in 2000 by Holistic Healthcare Clinician and Pharmacist, Michael Lenzner to educate and empower women and men regarding Natural Hormone Balance and Optimal Wellness. Lenzner was appalled at the lack of quality information available to consumers, they were not getting from the medical community and they sure were not available from the big drug companies. Someone needed to cut through all of the confusion and misinformation to provide basic hormone testing, knowledgeable consulting and recommendations for non-prescription Natural Hormone Creams and quality professional supplements.

Our Founder
Michael Lenzner is a Holistic Healthcare Clinician and Pharmacist.

He is a graduate of Wayne State University School of Pharmacy and has been a Pharmacist for 35 years. Mr. Lenzner has over 10 years of specialized knowledge in natural Bio- Identical Hormones, consulting, and Hormone testing. Lenzner has helped thousands of women and men balance their hormones and optimize their health.

Natural Hormone Replacement
Michael Lenzner, Founder & Owner




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The first step to better health is to purchase an easy-to-use, accurate and above all inexpensive IN-HOME HORMONE TEST KIT:
Testing allows us to make recommendations based on your actual test results, not just symptoms. Knowing your saliva hormone levels is vital and an important first step in assessing where your hormone maybe out of balance, as well as knowing how well your current natural hormone regimen is working for you. After submitting your test results, Life Wellness will provide a personalized professional consultation including information and recommendations.


Natural Hormone Replacement Test Kit

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In-Home Hormone Test Kit

The Statements and products on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Patients should continue to see their practitioner and have regular mammogram, thermogram, PAP smears done or a PSA test for males.